It is my aspiration to humbly serve the highest wisdom of the human spirit as it moves through the body; to be present with this wisdom and the elegance with which it finds balance amid constant change; to honor the healing potential of each client, in each session, as a blessing and a miracle.


Pain Relief

In the simplest of terms, CranioSacral Therapy relieves pain and restores function by gently supporting your body through slow-motion, non-force adjustments. CST focuses on facilitating the release of extraordinary tensions within the connective tissues that surround the central nervous system. These extraordinary tensions may be the result of an abrupt impact such as a motor vehicle injury, an infants challenging birth process, sports injuries or chronic physical and emotional stress.


Functional Recovery

The name CranioSacral refers to the cranium (skull), and the sacrum (tail bone), and implies that these two are connected in important ways. CST recognizes that the cranium is part of a dynamic system of movement and that tensions which affect the spine and pelvis are continuous with tensions in the cranium. Releasing binding tensions, and restoring the internal movements of the cranium, spine and pelvis, allows the nervous system to decompress and function with ease.

Infants & Children

These early years are a period of tremendous growth and development, with the structural proportions of the young child’s body changing rapidly. CST is very effective in releasing compressions of the lumbar and cervical spine, sacrum/pelvis, and cranio-facial relationships. If left untreated, these compressions can predispose the child to back, neck and headache problems later in life. I can assist with birth trauma and newborn recovery, as well as early childhood development.

Bach® flower remedies

Bach® Flower Remedies are a system of healing the emotional pain which often underlies our physical pain. Developed in the 1930s by Welch Physican Dr. Edward Bach, the remedies are used today in 66 countries worldwide. They are an herbal medicine akin to Classical Homeopathy in principle, yet focus specifically on the emotional aspect of health. I have been deeply impressed by the remedies ability to help one gain emotional clarity and empower the healing of physical pain patterns.